Introducing DiscoPay

Enable members to send and receive Bitcoin tips, all on your Discord server

Drive engagement with real currency

Discord tips that mean something

Support your community by allowing members to show appreciation to each other with real Bitcoin.

personalize your tipping with emojis

Send tips your way with reactions

Setup your favorite emoji to automatically tip a specific amount for quick, no-hassle tipping with reactions.

Instant ⚡ withdrawals and deposits

Easy to pick up and start using today

With just a couple of commands, your members can start sending and receiving Bitcoin tips today.

2-step setup with DiscoPay

Add Discopay to your server

Accounts will be made for your members to deposit and send tips immediately with simple commands.


Get a good night's sleep

Rest is important after all that setup. Be sure to drink some water and do some stretches while you're at it.







/tip @user {amount}

Publicly tip a user on your server


/send @user {amount}

Privately send Bitcoin to a user on server



View your balance on DiscoPay


/deposit {amount}

Instantly deposit Bitcoin into your account


/withdraw {invoice}

Instantly withdraw Bitcoin to your own custody